First, let me say thanks for your interest in taking care of your piano and second, my tuning and repairing of pianos are done well for over 30 years! From my experience, here are a some reasons for a piano tuning:

  • If your instrument is noisy or unplayable.
  • If the dog runs away when you play.
  • Or you know someone who needs their piano tuned and you want to give a “Piano Tuning Gift Certificate”

Call me and we can talk. I’ll evaluate the piano’s condition, (if you have an I-phone we can Facetime or What’s App video conference or I can come by. I’ll give you my recommendation; “no obligation”.)

Take a look at the special promotions, on the right of the page, for customers. Call me or go to the calendar link to set up an appointment.


If you need help with other styles of musical instruments. Please see David Charron at Bell's Music Shop, Inc. You can call him at 817.337.7900 or find out more about him at